A fairy in Eden

With Lira

   Eve was deceived. She believed that the weight of an apple could take away her lightness. The guilt hit her stomach like lead and spread through her body until it reached the womb. Only pain would come from there.

   Years passed by, beliefs were created, dimensions passed over and Eden was abandoned by creations of its soil: the weight of shame, sins and flesh. No one else could achieve the required lightness at Eden gates. However, in the transit between time and dimensions, a fairy fell by mistake into the immense uninhabited paradise.The horned fairy knew only the lightness of her steps. She did not see the snake, nor the creator, but she found the apple that seduced her with its colors and scent.The fairy bit the fruit and felt that the fruit weighed a little when it brought the awareness that she might also be made of flesh. It wasn’t a big weight, maybe it wasn’t a weight at all. It was just the feeling that her carnal body held a very large spectrum and could serve her as strength, weapon or pleasure.                   

   The horned fairy accepted that truth and even today she reigns over herself without bearing any guilt. 

PHOTO Larissa Anzoategui
MAKE Palmira Nogueira
CONCEPT AND PRODUCTION Larissa Anzoategui and Ramiro Giroldo

WRITING Larissa Anzoategui and Ramiro Giroldo